With a growing public awareness of the need to reduce our carbon emissions the Estate set up a new Biomass enterprise which converts low grade timber into wood chip to provide sustainable, low carbon fuel for heat production. Through this enterprise we aim to supply 2000 tonnes of wood chip every year which has the potential to heat 200 homes or 4 schools or 2 hospitals.

The Estate constructed a wood fuel depot and storage shed in 2007. Lying to the west of Craigieburn Farm in the centre of the Estate, the depot is close to the main area of commercial woodland. The lower grades of timber harvested from felling and thinning operations are stacked in an open location for up to 18 months to allow the timber to dry naturally. Once the logs have dried down to below 40% moisture content they are delivered to the depot to be chipped. The wood chip is stored in the shed until required by our customers at which point we arange for delivery. Wood chip of this quality is generally suited to medium scale biomass heating systems for example a school or hospital.