Callendar House

Callendar House was once the principal residence for the Estate.

Callendar House dates from the 14th century.  It is set in the nationally important historic designed landscape of Callendar Park which also contains a section of the Antonine Wall World Heritage Site.

The House was purchased by the Town Council in 1950 and has subsequently been opened as a museum and as the archive resource for Falkirk Council.

The House's permanent displays are The Story of Callendar House, a history covering the 11th to the 19th centuries, The Antonine Wall, Rome's Northern Frontier and Falkirk: Crucible of Revolution 1750-1850 tells how the local area was transformed during the first century of the industrial era.  In the restored 1825 kitchen costumed interpreters create an exciting interactive experience with samples of early 19th century food providing added taste to stories of working life in a large household.

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