Callendar Estate offers fantastic walking opportunities from short walks for all abilities to longer, more challenging walks. Unearth the fascinating history of the Estate including the events around that Battle of Falkirk Muir. Discover the wildlife that shares our natural environment like rare pond med snail, found in only seven sites in Scotland. Or uncover our past mining heritage.

Click here to download a map of our 5 way marked Heritage Trails take you on a journey of discovery and adventure.

Battle of Falkirk Trail - Route 1

The battle of Falkirk Trail takes you back to 17th January 1746 and leads you through some of the key moments of the battle.

Woodland Bird Trail - Route 2

Discover the wildlife and share our natural environment including many species of woodland birds and experience the weird and wonderful life of a lowland raised bog.

Local History Trail - Route 3

Unearth some fascinating facts about the local area from the Romans to the Second World War.

Industrial History Trail - Route 4

The impact of past industrial activity has largely disapeared but you can still see some remnants of our industrial heritage today.

Lionthorn Community Woodland Trail - Route 5

Take a stroll through the Community Woodland at Lionthorn and find out about the trees and other wildlife right on our doorstep.


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