New Blower Unit making deliveries

The blower unit has been busy making its first deliveries over the last few days. Great to see it up and running after lots of preparation and hard work.

For more information on woodchip blowers keep reading....





Woodchip blowers are delivering a lighter, less dense and less uniform product than pellets and so are catering for a higher volume. The air volume/pressure requirements are different to pellets and to provide the best flow rate require a different augur feed and air volume from the blower unit. Transmanut Woodchip Blowers are independently powered and encapsulated to minimise noise when discharging. As they discharge in the tipping position to feed the augur and rotary valve, the engine is mounted to work in this position. An additional feature that is supplied with UK specification blowers is the fitment of a hydraulically driven agitator above the augur. As the moisture content of the chip increases, it flows less easily and can be subject to bridging. The provision of this agitator which is used when or just before bridging takes place ensures a steady flow of woodchip to the augur and cuts out the surging that can take place in other systems when there is no chip flowing to the rotary valve.