With over 4,800 acres of farmland the Estate provides the basis of agricultural production for 20 farming families. Many of the families have farmed over succesive generations and their continuing prosperity is vital to the ongoing future of the Estate.

All of our agricultural land is let out to working farming businesses and provides the basis of production, and in many cases these are the homes for the farming families. Our tenant farmers are responsible for the day to day management of their land and it is their expertise which decides which crops to grow and which animals to rear.

The farms' harvest produces cereal crops such as wheat and barley,oil seed rape, vegetables, milk, beef and lamb.

Over the years the Estate has invested in our let farms through the provision of modern farm buildings and the upgrading of properties to ensure that as far as possible our farms are equipped for the needs of modern farming methods. We continue to invest in our farms where there is a sound business case.

Whilst food production will always be an important output from our farms there is an increasing expectation that farms should diversify from this, into other types of business, particularly leisure and tourism.

The Estate is happy to encourage our tenant farmers to explore new business opportunities and will work with them where appropriate to diversify and strengthen their business and ensure a long term future. In particular we are keen to encourage leisure or tourism based enterprises that make use of the extensive network of paths and tracks that the Estate has developed over the years.