The woodlands at Callendar Estate provide the landscape setting for Falkirk and surrounding areas, are an important wildlife habitat and are enjoyed by many as a place to visit and explore. At the same time the woodlands are also a source of timber and revenue. Managing the woodlands for all these competing objectives requires a careful balance and great attention to detail

The woodlands on the Estate extend to approximately 1,500 acres. Traditionally the Estate reserved the best land for agricultural use and planted the poorer land with trees to provide the timber that we need for fencing materials and for the maintenance and repair of our buildings. Today our woods are managed with three principles in mind, production of commercial forestry, nature conservation and access to the public.

As a result the large blocks of Sitka Spruce are being felled on a planned basis to be replaced with a more varied woodland structure which will still include a significant proposrtion of commercial conifer but also extensive areas of native broadleaves and open space and provide opportunities for public access including an extensive network of cycle trails

In 2006/07 we were fortunate in securing funding through the Forestry Commission and Forward Scotland which has enabled us to accelerate this process, particularly on our four woodlands closest to local communities, at Chacefield Wood in Denny, Tamfourhill Wood, Kilbean Wood in Falkirk and Pirleyhill Wood in Sheildhill.

Today our woodlands are managed in accordance with a Long Term Forest Plan which is approved by the Forestry Commisson and which outlines the principal woodland activies including harvesting over a 10 year period. The woodlands are also certified under a management scheme approved by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC-C016804).