The Falkirk Wheel

One of Scotland's premier visitor destinations, the Falkirk Wheel was one of Scotland's major millenium projects that created a brand new rotating boat lift joining the Forth and Clyde and Union Canals.

The best way to experience the Falkirk Wheel is by taking a boat trip on our breathtaking boat journey.  This 15 minute journey lifts the boat up to join the Union Canal 35 metres above and sails smoothly from the Falkirk Wheel into the Union Canal.  The Falkirk Wheel Visitor Centre is completely free to enter and open all year round.  Inside you will find a café and gift shop along with interactive displays which teach you about the history of the canals and the Falkirk Wheel.

The water activity zone in the basin at the Falkirk Wheel offers some great on-water fun for all the family. Get out on the water with our fun packed activity zone beneath the shadows of the Falkirk Wheel where you can flip, spin or roll on the water without ever getting wet in our water walkerz or get out in a canoe and paddle out on the canal.

Click here to access the Falkirk Wheel website.